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I am Holly (the big one) and I set up Bell of the Ball after working with children for over 7 years. I started working as a private Nanny in Yorkshire and then continued my work in London where I also ran a Nanny Agency.  Then along came my son Frankie in 2018 and our move back to the Yorkshire Coast in 2019.

After attending a couple of weddings with my son, I found it to be quite stressful without a moment to relax and talk to family and friends, listen to speeches or enjoy a glass of wine or two...

And that's where Bell of the Ball began...

Weddings are such an amazing event for everyone involved but they can become pretty stressful for families with small children. Children are rarely catered for in a way that means that both parents and children can fully enjoy the day and I believe that if the children are happy and entertained at a wedding (or any kind of event) then the parents will also be happy and able to fully relax and enjoy themselves.

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This is Bethan... she is one of the team and she is full of life!

She's a qualified Nursery Practioner who has a degree in Early Childhood Studies and is currently studying towards a Master's Degree in Child Psychology. She is fab with the little ones and can turn her hand to anything.

She loves to get involved with storytelling, imaginary play and crafting.

Who are we?